Off-comment: part 1

Sometimes, an amusing/weird/off comment is seen on the dev-hub and on the forum… Here are some of them.

I guess we should start with arne…

<arnetheduck> ooh. cvs works again =)
<arnetheduck> I think at least
<arnetheduck> more or less…even pm’s!

The essence of open source development!

<arnetheduck> jove, string::compare is your friend

Yes… Your only friend…

<arnetheduck> oh, neat, and pressing page up in the edit field scrolls the hub chat in the hub frame…soon I’ll be reading the help myself =)

Note to self: Find out more ‘secret’ stuff and add them to the help file. Mohahahaha. Ha. Ha.

Next batter up is Garg…

<GargoyleMT@laptop> it’s not like some magical TCP/IP fairy comes and pads your packets.

What? No fairy? *cries*

<GargoyleMT@laptop> PPK is chopped liver?

Yesssss. Or, atleast that’s been cut in two. Or something. Or something.

A golden…

<GargoyleMT@laptop> SFV makes me feel dirty.

Heh… (The comment was made because of CRC32’s horrible file identification compared to TTH – Doesn’t make it less funny though. ;) )

You just gotta love SourceForge and its servers…

connect to failed: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
Success, CVS operation completed

An interesting observation…

<cologic> I like how when Jove asks “who here is native english speaker?” the first two assertive responses he gets are from a Hungarian and a … whatever country Pretorian’s from. Sweden I think.
<cologic> And then that a German comes in a provides the more detailed grammatical explanation, whilst the only native speaker around at the time is merely asking questions.

I think everyone has seen this side of fusbar…

<IvulFusbar> ;))

And if you don’t get that nice comment, expect to see these:

<IvulFusbar> fuck’m ;))
<IvulFusbar> who did it!
<IvulFusbar> lets poke him/her

Run Forrest, run!

This one is taken from the Hall of fame on the forum… (Formatted to fit here.)

TheParanoidOne: [Quote: Opie_ wrote: permission denied my ass] I read that with a “to” in the sentence. Heh. :D

(I did initially too. :) )

Another one from the forum…

This site definitely deserve more attention…

Here’s someone that have hit exactly on the nail

<FarCry> how about ass-layer for a more elaborate name ;)

And pur with ‘the not so always comprehensible rant’…

<pur> is it me, or if you alt-tab dc++ it stays maximized
<pur> while all other windows apps minimize to taskbar
<pur> oh nm
<pur> other apps behave also that way

And finally

<Pretorian> Trem: You doing support? Sell out!

Yes. I agree fully with Pretorian. Damn sell out! (Even if you are my slut…)

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