Me me me

Sorry people, this is a non-technical rant today.

Since I haven’t formally introduced myself, I thought I’d do that today.

My name is Fredrik Ullner. I’m one of the people that frequently send patches to Jacek Sieka (the author of DC++, he is also know as arnetheduck). You can see more specifically what I’ve done by looking in changelog.txt (search for ‘ullner’). If you have been to the public devhub (it’s down for the moment, yeah I know) you’ve probably seen me as ‘Pretorian’.

I’ve been involved in the DC++ project since July/August, 2004.

The patches that I’ve sent in, that you probably have used or seen are (amongst others): ‘Only download files that have a TTH’, customizable timestamps (which I had help from Todd Pederzani [aka GargoyleMT]), the confirmation dialogs for removing a hub from favorites and removing an item from the download queue, the ability to set minislot size, the ability to have multiple lines in away message and user commands, file type in the download queue, ability to sort in file lists and the changing of the different captions in Settings.

Although I have only been involved with DC++ for a year and a half, I’ve used DC++ since 0.151 (that I can remember… err, well, that I have a screen shot of at least).

I guess there’s not much more to say… If you have any questions or suggestions, please mail them to: ullner [at] gmail [dot] com. You can of course post comments in these posts, but if you have something to say to me that I have covered in a previous post, send me a mail. (If anyone feel the urge to donate some money to me, I’d be happy to set up a PayPal account. :-) )

I almost forgot to say, this blog is my own creation and thoughts. Don’t flame other people because of what I say here. (And no, I’m not gay. Even though I talk about Pär [Trem] sometimes…)

2 Responses to Me me me

  1. Anonymous says:

    at homepage i noticed:
    “Archives: mars 2006”
    i think it should be marCH :D

  2. Ooops. Hadn’t noticed. ;)
    (It’s a setting in Blogger, I don’t write that specifically.)

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