Give us a break!

There have been a lot of people complaining that the new DC++ versions suck so much and that we should have tested it more blah blah blah blah.

Give us a break. We all do this for fun.

I’ve seen numerous threads on the forum about 0.68+… All of them bitching about that operators kick users for using 0.68, 0.681 and 0.6811 and that they can’t connect to 0.307, 0.400 and 0.401 (even when the bug is in those particular three versions!). When do these people actually praise anything that has to do with DC++? Never. What do these people do to improve DC++? Nothing.

0.68, 0.681 and 0.6811 has been marked as ‘unstable’, damnit.

If you still think we should test DC++ more before releasing, well, here’s the jist of it: We have. We do test DC++. It is impossible for us to test *every* feature DC++ has. There are around 10 people (atleast that spring to mind and I know of) that frequently check DC++ CVS (this is where ‘early releases’ is… It is public for anyone!) for known bugs and errors. How many reports CVS bugs to the forum? None. Someone argued that hubowners and operators should be allowed a ‘preview-release’. But hello! There is one available. Just download it and build.

Although not all bugs discovered in the CVS state, most is. It is just unfortunate, for users, that we didn’t get them all. But since we all do this on our own spare time and for our own enjoyment, what more can you ask? Although some bugs are found, not all of them get fixed. Live with it. We do the best we can.

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