DC++ internals moves!

DC++ internals moves to http://ullner.blogspot.com! I have moved every post I’ve made here [at MSN Spaces] to Blogspot, although I might have missed one. Please send me a mail if I have done so. Don’t expect every link to work in every post. I haven’t changed the links so they might refer to MSN Spaces.

So, change your bookmarks because I won’t post here [MSN Spaces] more.

3 Responses to DC++ internals moves!

  1. ConstB says:

    i feel like i’m blind but i completely can’t find rss link here. any ideas?

  2. All I could find was this; http://ullner.blogspot.com/atom.xml

    I’ve added a link to it below the ‘DC++’ and ‘Elise’ link.

  3. DC++ Internals should now support RSS… I have no idea which version though… Oh well…

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