Confusing with messages

If you start writing on a new line in a chat message (Ctrl+Enter…), and you start the line with a ‘[‘ or a ‘<‘, the message will be seen by other clients (well, atleast DC++) with a preceding “- “.

This is not something that DC++ itself send out. DC++ will precede the sentence with a “- ” even if the other user is not using DC++.

When did this behaviour start? It started almost three years ago, with the birth of DC++ 0.24. You can also find the reason in the changelog for 0.20;
To avoid confusion when receiving text pasted from the chat, “- ” is inserted whenever a line starts with ‘<‘ or ‘[‘ in the main and private chat (so that it won’t look like somebody else is writing a message)

Why ‘[‘ and ‘<‘ you may ask? Every message that contain a timestamp, will have ‘[‘ preceded. And ‘<‘ because all nicks are inside < > brackets.

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