Column sizes

Don’t you just hate it when the columns in DC++ has resized themselves and you can’t see what’s happening? Well, there’s a remedy. You can use the Ctrl + Plus (on the numeric keyboard) to resize the columns to their optimal widths.

Now, this feature isn’t one that any of the DC++ developers did. It is actually a Windows feature. Although the feature isn’t mentioned in the documentation, try it in Windows Explorer.

From the brief moment of Googling, err… MSNing, I wasn’t able to come up with any documentation at all about as to why columns [in DC++ and general] would resize themselves.

Every time you close DC++, column sizes are saved. In the event that DC++ can’t exit cleanly the column saving could take a hit and change the size to something non-sensical. This is atleast what most of us can think of. It isn’t something we will put much effort into because we can’t truly reproduce it. If we can’t reproduce it, we can’t completely fix it. So you’ll have to stick with Ctrl+Plus.

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