Closing the settings dialog

As the reporter for bugreport #835 will (or have) find out, the error messages for the registry keys are shown in the System log.

(The point with todays post isn’t about the actual registry error messages but I thought I’d cover that too… If you try to create a registry key and you don’t have permission to edit the registry, DC++ will say so. Before, no indication if the key failed creating was shown.)

On with todays post. You may be aware that if you changed some values in DC++’s settings, these values were changed when you opened the settings page again.
Why? So people wouldn’t set non-appropriate values to some settings.
What is defined as a non-appropriate value? Well, it is defined to what the author of the feature and the creator, arne, believe is an appropriate non-good value. These values are completely arbitrary.

If you set a setting to a non-good value, DC++ will automatically correct the value. This is because there is a code snippet that says “if the value entered is below [usually below, I don’t recall ‘over’ or ‘equal’, but I’m sure there are some…] to this arbitrary value, set the setting to the arbitrary value.”

DC++ will do this silently, and you will most probably not notice until you open up the settings dialog again.
And this is what my intent was when I wrote the patch for the registry key failing notification. To say to DC++, to say to users; “since you closed down the settings dialog, I will now check if the values are appropriate. Oh, it seem you have enabled to create some registry keys. Fine, I’ll do that. Damn… I’m sorry, but I was unable to create them… Here, let me give you some information about it rather than not telling you about it.”

(Some?) Values that are checked when closing the settings dialog (by the way, DC++ will only check values if you press ‘ok’, not ‘abort’) are also checked when you start DC++. This means that people can’t “bypass” the settings dialog check by editing dcplusplus.xml.

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