You probably have seen a shameless advertisement… Try /dc++ yourself!
Here’s all of the possible strings you can see when using this command:
I’m a happy dc++ user. You could be happy too.
Neo-…what? Nope…never heard of it…
Evolution of species: Ape –> Man
— Evolution of science: “The Earth is Flat” –> “The Earth is Round”
— Evolution of sharing: NMDC –> DC++
I share, therefore I am.
I came, I searched, I found…
I came, I shared, I sent…
I can set away mode, can’t you?
I don’t have to see any ads, do you?
I don’t have to see those annoying kick messages, do you?
I can resume my files to a different filename, can you?
I can share huge amounts of files, can you?
My client doesn’t spam the chat with useless debug messages, does yours?
I can add multiple users to the same download and have the client connect to another automatically when one goes offline, can you?
These addies are pretty annoying, aren’t they? Get revenge by sending them yourself!
My client supports TTH hashes, does yours?
My client supports XML file lists, does yours?

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